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Contamination. This word could recall the idea of ​​something dirty, corrupt and maybe fake. Not for the art world where contamination can produce novelties and original proposals.
This is exactly what Michele thought, who on Instagram, Robe Artistiche. In his profile a portfolio of his works. Canonical images of the artistic universe best known and assimilated by the masses are contaminated with the present and with the contemporary.

Robe Artistiche follows the great tradition of Pop Art and indeed, could represent an answer to the great question on the reproducibility of art in the modern era. Leaving the work of art its exclusive character or reconciling contemporary reality with artistic language. And here comes the fusion. In a single representation, two apparently different elements find themselves living together. Some of the most famous works in the world mix with fresh, modern and well-known images of the masses. Faces and scenes from cinema, television and POP culture merge with the most classical painting and sculpture.
Not only art, in fact Michele also contaminates different worlds and puts together images that have made history with recent faces of show business. All this takes the form of an idea already covered by general Pop Art. The works become commercial products. Thus the works of Robe Artistiche have been transformed into t-shirts and prints that give style or simply recall the preferences and cultural heritage of those who buy them. A type of production that with new technologies and programs that allow you to modify images can tickle the most imaginative minds.
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