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Riffblast is an Italian artist, born in Bologna.

His journey into art began in early childhood, being raised in the countryside by an inspiring and creative family who have supported him since he started painting and creating wood sculptures. At the age of 17 he started collaborating with skate and surf companies to create board graphics, this world introduced him to the true love for the hardcore punk subculture which for years has influenced and developed his way of seeing art .
After a brief but intense experience in the fashion world that helped him develop commercial knowledge, in 2015 he decided without any certification or certainty to go back to painting and creating

His approach to the art world has not been a textbook as for those approaching this profession, it is still a slow path which, thanks to events and social networks, is growing
From 2017 he starts with religious-lithographs, which he modifies using water-based acrylics, icons of today intended to arouse the familiar and the sarcastic. However, the message dives much deeper into the psyche of consumerism and corruption. For a couple of years he has been collaborating with various galleries around the world from Italy to the United States, actively participating in solo and group exhibitions.

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