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Refreshink ( Giovanni Magnoli ) was born in Arona (Novara) in 1971. In the early nineties he became passionate about the world of graffiti, gaining his first experiences on the street with his crew mates. Over time, it comes to the definition of a peculiar style, out of the classic styles of graffiti (letters, puppet ) towards more stratified languages, through sprays and mixed techniques. In 2000 he began to paint in abandoned places, contexts that led him to reinterpret subjects related to the natural world: in 2009 he created his first "rooster", which was followed by other suggestive animals painted in bright colors, drippings, juxtaposed with formal elements , such as geometric figures and writings. From 2004 he began his exhibition activity, including solo and group exhibitions, national and international festivals.
Among the most recent participations: Rainbow Project (Pisa, 2019), Big Mamma (Paris, 2018),
One Urban World Festival, Cartagena, Spain (2017), Hall of fame , Palazzo Ceramico, Caltagirone (2017) Mosh Pit Show , Galo Art Gallery Turin (2017), Waral urban art project, Varallo (2017) Urban drawings , Castello di Masnago (2016), Underground effect, Paris (2016), Energy Box , Steam Factory, Milan (2015), Open the Cages , WWF Italy headquarters, Milan (2014).

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