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Shepard Fairey is originally from South Carolina and graduated from the Academy of Art in 1988.

To earn some money he works in a skate shop , but since the salary is low, he supplements by selling handmade t-shirts with logos of punk-rock bands or skating companies

In 1989, while explaining to a friend how to create a stencil, he asked him to make one with an image he had just seen in the newspaper. The friend refuses because he thinks the idea is stupid, but finding the funny thing Shepard decides anyway to create the stencil with the face of André The Giant : thus the symbol was born that will make Shepard Fairey known to the world under the pseudonym OBEY

The word OBEY can be translated into OBEY . Mainly it is a parody of the concept of propaganda and advertising, but it is also a reference to a film dear to Shepard, "They Live", in 1988, where several signs with the inscription "OBEY" appear.

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