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Brian Donnelly , known today by his stage name Kaws, was born in Jersey City in 1974 and as a teenager he was fascinated by graffiti and the underground environment. After moving to New York in 1996 he graduated from School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and began collaborating with Walt Disney , working primarily as an illustrator. His desire to experiment his creativity with ever-changing forms and tools allowed him to establish himself first in the world of television, then as a sculptor and street artist, and now as a designer for some well-known clothing brands.

What is the absolute Kaws most talented ? Creativity, you'll think? In reality, what distinguishes him from many contemporary artists is his ability to maintain its unique style , reinterpreting it, without ever distorting it, according to the artistic contexts of reference. Kaws has been able to keep its creative essence intact, experimenting with new languages ​​and never being afraid to take on new challenges.

His debut in the art world began in the 90s, when he worked mainly on the streets of New York, using the spray cans on telephone booths and then on billboards, altering the faces of the characters in the photographs. His idea was to change the perception of contemporary art , going beyond the stereotypes and rules of mass communication. Over time he dedicated himself to the creation of vinyl sculptures and toys, up to collaborating with some of the most famous fashion brands of the moment. From the street to the coolest art galleries : Kaws' artistic language and “subversive” spirit have allowed him to build a new way of making art.

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