Emilio Lopez

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Emilio Lopez, half German and half Guatemalan, is a 19-year-old local artist.

Known for his cartoon art style, which tries to bring together elements of graffiti, comics, video games and cartoons. One of his ambitions was to have his own artistic icon (such as Kaws' Companion, Obey's Andre the Giant face, D*Face's Dog, etc.), which he achieved by creating the Toddler, a monstrous face that takes on different facial expressions.

He is also active in the graffiti scene (using the tag "Monkey Boy"), mainly with writing, creating large colored writings that always try to vary from each other.

His artistic style has been influenced by many factors he grew up with, starting with toys, comics, video games, movies and ending with cartoons, especially “The Amazing World Of Gumball”.

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