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Daniel Arsham is a young New York artist, whose creative output ranges from the creation of figurative sculptural works in human size up to portrait sculptures contemporary objects such as cameras, game controllers, mobile phones.
His work could be defined as a distorted time capsule , where his captivating works catapult viewers into the future to give a new perspective on the past.
In his most recent artistic activity he has focused more attention on human figure , defined through statuesque bodies, precarious in structure, or exalted by means of discreet gestures such as the reproduction of hands joined in prayer, or intent on blocking a basketball.

Whatever the piece, what emerges is the fragmentary aspect of the sculpture, missing in several places and far from its completion.
As the water of a flooded river causes the erosion of the banks, so his works lack entire parts as if to symbolize the constant incompleteness of the human being. Made in pyrite , Hydrostone , selenite , e obsidian they are characterized by the detail dull gray color which characterizes its appearance almost dilapidated .

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