Collection: Boyhood

Do you remember when the world was small and simple? When was a puddle an ocean? When was the hill behind the last house on the street a mountain? And when was the apple orchard with the ten trees a "Tarzan forest"? We remember all this as if it were yesterday. And they don't just remember happy childhood experiences, they revive them.

Boyhood is a Danish design company. They design and produce modern design objects that derive from a fantastic childhood ingenuity. The collections are developed by designer Jakob Burgsø, who creates the objects in high quality natural materials, mainly oak and leather, according to a proud Scandinavian craft tradition.

The Boyhood design fits perfectly into homes, workplaces and other environments where you want to create a unique atmosphere. Design objects are not only created to look extraordinary, but they also inspire memories of the good old days and bring a nostalgic smile to one's lips.

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3 products