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Alessandro Padovan (born in 1983) aut odidactic and graduated Mechanical Expert, he began his art by forming an artistic duo called Drill Monkeys Art Duo in 2012 and then continued independently from January 2017. It is an adventure that has seen him operate with an alternative technique: self-tapping screws and acrylic paint on panel.

A path that fits into the need to give three-dimensionality to the works and to ironically cross over between sculpture and painting. In fact, the vines are placed at different depths and form different planes through which the figures take shape.

The Screw Art technique is not a well-known technique, the main objective is to make this type of art known. In recent years Alessandro has managed to be present in Galleries, Auction Houses, Art Fairs in Italy and abroad and at important Charity Gala Events,

The originality of this work is obviously the technique and the three-dimensional effect that is obtained by screwing very common screws in various depths which, by painting on them, transforms into a contemporary sculptural and pictorial work.

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